Reign of Brayshaw (Brayshaw High #3)

They pulled me from my hiding places, and I’m glad.

I’m tired of dark corners, tired of the background.

Tired of losing before I’ve even won.

Raven is my sister, this is my new home.

I’m ready to fight for everything that comes with it.

If I’m lucky, a blond Brayshaw included.

Quick Note From The Author

Deep breath...and exhale!

Guuyss!!! We made it through!

Never in a million years did I imagine this world would take ours by storm. You guys have been so amazing, so down for this crew, it blows my mind! THANK YOU so much for coming back for more!

I am so so SO sad Maddoc and Raven’s ride is over, but I leave them with a smile because their little life is only beginning! This isn’t to say we won’t see them again, but I can promise you this...their HEA is FOREVER!!



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More by Meagan Brandy


He’s the persistent playboy who refuses to walk away. I'm the impassive new girl with nothing left to give.

Things are about to get complicated...

After months of refusing, I finally agreed to make the move to Alrick Falls. My family thought it was best - that a new scene would be good for me—and I was sick of having the same conversation.

So here I am, and the plan is simple. Smile through each day and avoid her at all costs.

It's perfect.

Until the cocky quarterback comes into play.

The last thing I want is his crooked grin and dark brown eyes focused on me.

Yet here he is, constantly in my space, pushing me, daring me to care. Telling me what I think and feel, as if he knows.

He doesn't know anything. And I plan to keep it that way.



After months of silence, here she stands on my front porch, waiting to be let in again. But it's the same play every time, and I know how this ends - I give her all I have and she carries it with her on the way back to him.

I should turn her away, but I won't. Couldn't do it if I tried.

Because no matter how many times she pops back up, pulls me in and drags me under, it will never be enough. I'll always want more.

More of her.

More for us.

And she'll always choose him.



I had it all figured out, knew exactly who and what I wanted in life, then he came back, determined more than ever to prove me wrong.

He's forced his way into my world, demanded my attention no matter the cost.

He pushed until I fell.

And then he knocked me down.

But nothing is ever as it seems.

Hate is where it started.

Love is where it was headed.

Lies are what destroyed everything.

Now I'm left to wonder...did I fall for the wrong Blaze?

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First, my family for going on this journey with me! Without the support from home, I wouldn’t be able to do what I love! To the man and our boys, you guys are the driving force behind me. Mom, Karen, Aunt Lisa, and everyone who reads even when it makes me never want to face you again (LOL). I love you for it!

Melissa Teo. My friend, PA, and all the other things. My bish. No words. Your help is endless. Your honesty invaluable. Your friendship irreplaceable. Thank you.

Ellie. Thank you to my editor for rocking this baby out and on an everchanging timeline! Thank you!

Danielle, my publicist! Thank you so very much for all your guidance and support! No matter the concern or question I may have, you are there with a solution or new step to be taken. I am so happy to have you on my team!

Serena and Victoria, my #teammeagan girls! You guys rock! Thank you for being by my side and helping make this process that much smoother! You’re amazing.

STREET TEAM! OMG! You guys are insane! Beyond supportive and always go the extra mile. I am so grateful you all jumped on this wild ride with me!

Stefanie and Kelli! Once again, we did it! Our Alpha/beta team is so solid, I can’t imagine giving my roughest versions to anyone else! You girls understand my vision like no one else, and for that I am so grateful. Not everyone reads the same story, but you guys can somehow sense what I’m going for and don’t stop until it get there! Thank you!

Sarah! I can’t even! With 100% certainty I tell you that this series would not be what it is without you. Not even close. You took my words, felt them in your bones and forced me to give you more. Every. Single. Time. And holy crap did the push pay off! This first part of the Brayshaw series, Maddoc and Raven’s story, went from a hard journey to an EPIC fudging ride, and you my I’ll never let you leave me friend, are the reason behind that!

To my review team, I’m so thankful I can give you whatever my author heart requires and you’re up for it! It means so much to have your support!

Monica! My writing partner! Girl, HOW DID WE PULL THIS OFF? Lol. Monica and I started out most recent books at the same time and on impossible deadlines, but we did it! Without her being at the same pace, and writing stages as me, I don’t know if I would have made it happen on time! Let’s do it again, girl!


Bloggers and Bookstagrammers, thank you for participating and helping spread the word! I hope you love the conclusion to Maddoc and Raven’s story, and are here for more from the Brayshaw series!

And to my readers, holy crap!!! You guys are ride or die for this crew and I love it so much!! I never imagines you’d feel them like I do, but OMG guys! YOU SO DO! I hope you loved Reign of Brayshaw and trust me when I say there is still more to come!! I hope you’re here for it!

About the Author

Meagan Brandy is USA Today and Wall Street Journal bestselling author of New Adult romance books. She's is a candy crazed, jukebox junkie who tends to speak in lyrics. Born and raised in California, she is a married mother of three crazy boys who keep her bouncing from one sports field to another, depending on the season, and she wouldn't have it any other way. Starbucks is her best friend and words are her sanity.