Reign of Brayshaw (Brayshaw High #3)

“So what happened?” Royce asks, irritated, getting us back on track. “Ravina changed her mind last minute?”

With a deep sigh, he says, “The wedding was planned for her eighteenth birthday. In the time leading up to it, Ravina spent much time with the Graven family, felt she loved Felix deeply, but, as I mentioned, he was a little older, so their schedules would clash. He had Graven business and she had school. Felix hated leaving her behind, so much so he arranged for someone to keep her company. There was only one person in his life who he trusted with his untouched bride, someone who was still a student like her.” His eyes move between ours. “A Brayshaw High student.”


He stands, sliding his hands in his pocket as he meets our eyes. “His brother.”

I hit the little button on Cap’s keys to unlock his SUV and quietly slip out the front door, making my way to it. I dig around in the back seat, not finding Perkins’ damn business card I took from the limo, but only a second empty envelope identical to the one that was left for me.

That’s how they found out, Donley went to them too.


I tiptoe back into the house and up the stairs, going straight for Cap’s room.

I rummage through dirty jeans pockets and come up short, but the second I pull open his bedside drawer, I spot the edge of it, sticking out of the side of his notebook.

I freeze.

Cap’s been writing in this thing a lot.

Maybe their secret is in there?

I reach for it, but the second my fingertips brush over the cool leather covering, guilt slices through me.

They don’t allow people into this home because they can’t trust their intentions. This is their safe place, hence the journal sitting right there for anyone to find.

I can’t destroy their only place of peace.

I hurry back to my room, only then pausing in thought.

Why would Captain hold onto that card?

He has to know it was dropped there by me, his brothers would have shared their reasoning for having it if it were theirs.

Maybe he plans to ask me about it?

It would be one thing if it were in his discarded pants pockets, like he picked it up to throw it out or something, but secured in his bedside drawer and settled between the pages of what might be his deepest thoughts... or dirtiest desires, who knows. Still. Why?

He’s been so on edge lately, and Perkins has been one of the many root causes for it. I mean, shit, he beat on him just yesterday!

Cap knows something, and I’m going to find out what it is.

She’s in bed by the time I make it upstairs, but she isn’t sleeping. She’s drawing circles with her flashlight against the ceiling, not bothering to look my way when she hears me come in.

As soon as I lock her door, the flashlight clicks again, and suddenly it’s pitch black.

My frown is instant – she’s closed her curtains.

Her deep inhales and exhales give her away, she’s doing all she can to control her fear of the dark.

I kick off my shoes, drop my jeans and shirt, and climb in beside her.

I reach for her flashlight, and she allows it, but says, “Don’t turn it on.”

“Why not?”

“Because I don’t feel like staring at your face while you lie to mine.”

Ah, fuck.

I slide my arm under her pillow, tugging her closer to me.

“How about I say nothing then, so I don’t have to lie?”

She scoffs. “Man, not even a hint of uncertainty, like you know for sure keeping me in the dark like this is what’s best.”

“It is.”

“For who, Big Man?”

I pause at that and a dejected laugh leaves her.

Her head shakes against the pillow. “Have we not already proven holding out on each other is the worst of options?”

Neither of us speaks for a few minutes, both lost in thought when she starts again.

“You know what I’m realizing about fear?” she asks but doesn’t wait for a response. “It holds us back, takes away our power. You, Big Man, you never had a reason to lie to me, and now you do.”

I frown into the dark room. “And what’s my reason?”

“You’re afraid,” she says simply and my muscles tense against her. She pulls the flashlight from my hands, tossing it to the floor. “And if there’s something big enough to scare you... then it must revolve around me.”

She looks up, and now that my eyes have adjusted to the darkness, I can make out the shape of her face, spot the worry I sensed in my gut the second I walked in here.

“I told you,” she whispers, her fingers coming up to graze across my lips. “I warned you. Love? It makes you weak.”

I shake my head, roll over and climb on top of her.

Her legs fall open for me and I settle between them. I bring my lips to hers, running my palm down her thighs, and her knee lifts to rest against my ribcage.

“You’ve got it all wrong, baby. Loving you doesn’t make me weak. It makes me unstoppable.” I drop my hips against her, and her hands come around, her fingertips spanning across my shoulder blades as she guides me closer. “Nothing and no one will ever have the power or strength to step between me and you.” I run my nose along her jaw. “No one.”

“The fact that those are the words you chose tells me someone will try.” She grips my chin bringing my eyes back to hers. “Tell me what to do.”

“Give me all you’ve got, always,” I whisper, grinding against her and her head pushes into the pillow. “Think of me first. Come to me first. Come for me only. Can you do that?”

Her forehead tightens with concern, but she whispers, “Yes.”

I free myself from my boxers and push her thong aside, positioning the head of my dick right against her heated pussy. I push the tip in and her legs pull up, wrapping around me.

Her fingernails dig into my back as I fill her, and make slow, short pumps.


“Hm?” I drop my head beside hers, my lips on her shoulder.

“What if it’s not enough?”

“What you give will never be enough, Raven. I’ll always want more.” I groan as she starts rolling her hips into me, begging me to do what she knows only I can. “Love me, baby, and we’ll be unstoppable together.”

A moan leaves her, and she pushes on my chest.

I let her roll me over and climb on top, but she doesn’t want it like this, she wants to feel all of me.

“Sit up,” she demands, keeping me inside her, but moving her legs behind me.

I do as my baby tells me and she slides even farther down my shaft, making my thighs clench. My hands fly to her ass, pushing her into me, squeezing, spreading.

Her head falls back and my mouth drops to her throat, moving when she whips her shirt off and tosses it somewhere behind her.

With her hands on my shoulders, she starts riding, the curve of her back pulling her ass in and out, in perfect forward motions.

I lean forward, sliding my teeth across her nipples and she whimpers, her pussy twitching against me, and I groan, my self-control snapping.

I keep her on me, but scoot so my feet are on the ground, sitting straight up on the bed.

She gives a husky laugh, lifting her head, as one hand slides up to cup the back of my neck.

“My man, never one to give up power for too long.”

I lift her little body, moving her how I want to, and her legs wrap behind me, her long black hair falling around her, chest to chest, mouth to mouth.

“You’re so fucking sexy, baby. So fucking beautiful.”

She gasps when I hit the spot she loves, her grip on me tightening, her lips pushing into mine.

She holds my eyes. “And so fucking yours,” she moans, her tongue slipping between my lips quickly.

I groan, sliding a hand between her ass cheeks, using my middle finger to apply pressure as I pull her closer.

That wasn’t a question, and yeah, it’s something I already know – she is mine – but to hear her say it just now, after the few fucking days we’ve had... I could come right now.

“And that.”

I speed up, and she pulls her legs back around so she’s on her knees. With my feet on the floor and her knees beside me, our fucking grows wild, hard, and fucking needy, both of us desperate to come while holding off, not ready to let go yet.

Hard, wet, slaps can be heard around the room, probably in the fucking hallway, but I don’t give a fuck.

Her moans grow louder, my groans grow deeper and finally her teeth sink into my bottom lip and she starts to shake against me.

I flip her onto her back, drag her pussy to the edge of the bed and slam into her, forcing the orgasm to hit harder and her legs fly to my sides, clamping tight, but I force them open again and her hand moves between her legs.

I let her rub herself, but only so I can watch while I come hard inside her. My grip on her thighs is likely leaving a nice little bruise, but she’d never complain.

She wants all of me like I demanded all of her.

She reaches for me when I finally stop twitching, so I pull out, climb back on the bed and tug her up to the pillows with me.

When our breathing slows, she starts tracing my tattoo.

I know she’s curious as to the reason I got it and the meaning behind the four tethered ropes, but she’ll have to ask. And she will.

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